The Top Ten List from Argentina 2014

1. The Poolside Nightlife at La Faena + Universe

The crowning glory of our stay in Buenos Aires…The big colorfully lit hat of the royals sat spouting water in the deep end, as we hob-knobbed with the likes of Rod Stewart and a Rodney Dangerfield lookalike. Many a fancy cocktail went bottoms up as we laughed the night away.

2. The Silversmith’s Shop in San Telmo

Visiting this shop was like stepping back to a time when hand-crafted, silver hollowware was beaten out inch by inch. Besides taking in an eyeful, we each got to tap on Pope Francis’ new communion chalice. Special!

3. La Recoleta Cemetery

Could have stayed for hours in this city of the dead. The cool, creepy and elegant stand side by side in reverence to their masters within. Awesome, tiny examples of Argentinian architecture surround queen Evita in her final resting place.

4. Roping Goats

A wild herd of mountain goats you ask? Not mountain goats, but one stick-goat and a half-human, pan-like creature to be exact. We let most of them get away, but it was fun learning how to handle a leather braided lariat while trying.

5. Tango!

We tried stepping out with tango lessons at the estancia. Great fun- and with such an encouraging teacher! Made us respect the professionals all the more when we finally got to see them in action in BA! Amateur or pro, it is a complicated, beautiful thing to behold.

6. Singing Around the Campfire

What is a good birthday party celebration without a big sing-off between opposing sides of a roaring campfire? We belted out at least the first verse of each memorable tune before sputtering off and then buoyed up by the carolers across the crackling, colorful flames in yet another round of merriment.

7. The World's Best Masseuse

Irene ... Oh how we all wanted to take you home with us! Hands down ....she takes the prize for her amazing technique of working our cowgirl kinks clean. And yes, we are scheduling our 2015 return around her calendar. No lie!!

8. Sleeping Under the Stars!

Stars came out in their full glory- piercing the black sheet of the sky like we haven’t seen since we were kids. Even then, it wasn’t the southern hemisphere. These stars were bright enough to keep you awake, just gazing in wonder.

9. My Horse

Well- all of our horses to be exact. We each formed an intimate bond with these strong, sure-footed creatures. We couldn’t have done it without our trusty caballos and it was bittersweet bidding adieu as the sun set on our great equine adventure.

10. New Friendships

Always the icing on the cake, or shall we say the dulce de leche on the croissant!, for us at Private Journeys. The richness of these we will all treasure forever -- and smile looking back at our many snapshots.

Photography by Silvia Doyle and Diane Terry

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