The Slippery Slope to Forest Camp

We made it to Forest Camp! But what a day!

After going through the sign-in gate we began the drive in the Land Cruisers, through mud in the steady rain. The drive was more like a thrill ride at Six Flags as we jumped from one side of the vehicle to the other, shifting our weight to keep from getting stuck. We got one car stuck in the mud a few times but always got the Cruiser out.

Ultimately the Land Cruisers couldn't make it up the last stretch, so the climb started early for us and we walked 45 minutes to the official start. Everyone was happy to get going. It was a beautiful, slow walk--muddy and slippery--so that's why they call it rainforest!

Everyone had a successful day. We don't have Colin's bag yet but he should have it tomorrow. We have all offered to share clothes to help out.

It's cold tonight, not to mention damp. We all want to eat dinner, hit the sack and get going tomorrow!

As crazy as the day sounds, spirits have never been higher. Are we having fun yet? Definitely. Higher, higher--let's go!


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