Shira Camp Two: 12,700 Feet

We woke at Shira Camp One to see the sun rise over Mount Kilimanjaro. It was the first time we have seen the top! Our reaction: OMG! How are we going to do that!?

There was frost on the ground but the sun quickly raised the temperature. The sun also dried some of the wet clothes from the prior day. Many of us bathed for the first and possibly last time until we come off the mountain. A few of us had a mild headache so we visited Dr Ron for salt tablets and our headaches quickly subsided.

Everyone is hanging in. No one is listening to headsets during the walks as the banter and conversation is so enjoyable.

We made it to Shira Camp Two by midday after hiking 6.5 hours. It's pleasant--around 40 degrees F. But now the rain has started again; hopefully it will stop soon. --Bruce.

ps. Colin's bag arrived yesterday, with half of his clothes!

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