Unnecessary possessions are unnecessary burdens.

If you have them, you have to take care of them!

There is great freedom in simplicity of living.

It is those who have enough but not too much who are the happiest.

Peace Pilgrim

Ah- wise Peace Pilgrim! Those unneeded items weigh heavy- especially when YOU have to carry them around the world!

We think it is important for the flow of a good journey as well as for the simplicity of life to be attained on a journey, to prepare oneself properly. Packing and repacking a few times before your trip begins a good month in advance helps with eliminating excess. Start with the recommended packing list supplied with your trip packet and see if you can exclude un-necessary items each time you repack. Do you really need that second pair of dressy shoes?? Can you re-wear that pair of pants in multiple settings? Give yourself peace of mind knowing that your weight is controlled so no extra charges are incurred. Give yourself room to add a few purchases along the way and by all means, pack a lightweight, foldable, nylon duffle bag inside your suitcase in case your purchases go beyond your expectations. To help you think ahead we have made a list of pre-flight packing tips for our daring explorers.


Leave behind expensive rings and other jewelry! We spend time immersed in the local cultures of many of our destinations. The “bling” at times can be inappropriate or become an unnecessary worry/liability if it gets lost.

To be packed in your carry-on: Anything you absolutely cannot do without such as medications, laptop or other electronics, jewelry and important documents. Wear, or place in carry-on the important components of your adventure gear (if you are joining us on an especially rugged journey)…irreplaceable items like your gortex jacket, hiking boots…any item you think you could not live without or replace on the fly…

A must for carry-on luggage: ear plugs for overnight flight sleepy time, eye-covers and a pashmina or large scarf to keep you warm or give you a sense of privacy for sleeping. (No one wants to use those airline blankets on or around their face!) Light weight bottoms and socks to change into before sleeping and a travel toothbrush with face cleansing wipes help one settle in. (Those wipes come in handy throughout the trip!)

Smart phone or iPod for music to help block out unwanted noise on flight. If you are bringing your phone- check to make sure you are covered for international calls and compare your options for plans. Texts are expensive, emails the cheapest form of communication. Bring written instructions for calling from your destination country.

Separate items in your suitcase by type into large 2 gallon ziplock baggies. This hint is tried and true. It helps cut down the amount of "racooning" done while searching for a particular item deep in the recesses of your suitcase or duffle.

Photograph the contents of your luggage on your smart phone if you have one. Keep an itemized list- especially items of great expense as well as a copy of the sales receipt if possible in case you need to file an insurance or replacement claim. Open your luggage as soon as you arrive to make sure that all contents made it safely to your destination.

Remove all old bag-check stickers/tags from your luggage from previous trips. Write your destination address on your bag tag. Take off any removable bag straps or wheels that can get caught in a conveyor belt and tuck into your luggage.

Avoid checking expensive looking bags. They are a target for thieves. Place a copy of your contact information (including email address) itinerary and passport in a visible place within your luggage in case your luggage goes astray and loses its outside ID.

Use plastic cable ties to secure your luggage and bring fingernail clippers to cut through them once you arrive. Use a luggage wrapping service that wraps your suitcase in a tough saran wrap material. If TSA opens your bag they are responsible for re-wrapping.

Keep an open mind! We have seen loving support as well as extra piles of clothes magically appear from our gals for their traveling companions when one of our adventurer’s luggage doesn’t arrive at the final destination. Some of life’s best lessons have been learned when a trip holds surprises such as this.

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