On the Edge

After 11 visits to the Futaleufu, Diane Terry declared the 2011 journey "the most exciting ever." Was it due to the level of whitewater on the river, which allowed us to raft the Class IV and V rapids from top to bottom? Or the fact that the entire group rappelled the 330-foot rock face? Or that three members of our group decided to zipline into the river twice, then jump from a rock high above the river? (The rest of us were comfy in the natural rock hot tub, thank you!) "This year took the biscuit!" said Danielle, who was back for her third consecutive year of thrills. "Our last day on the river was wildly exciting and adrenaline charged." (Here's just some of the evidence; check back for more once Rayno's footage arrives stateside.)

Perhaps Hilde said it best, "No one!" she said. "No one!"

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