Nyumbani, Our Inspiration

We left Ngong House in Nairobi this morning and went to Nyumbani children's home. Everyone in our group was struck by Nyumbani. Sister Mary Owens does so much good with so little--she provides for approximately 3,400 individuals on a limited budget. Sister Mary explained to us Nyumbani's mission, what has been accomplished and the challenges she faces. Apparently there is a third strain of the HIV virus that targets older kids.

The first time I visited Nyumbani three summers ago, I walked away sad and almost sick that there wasn't any hope for these kids. Today I walked away inspired. At Nyumbani, they are winning the war on AIDS. --Bruce

Diane writes: You can still sponsor a Kilimanjaro climber and help Nyumbani and other AIDS-relief programs. Here's the link: http://www.redribbonfoundation.org/events/upcoming-events/sponsor-a-kilimanjaro-climber

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