Mindscape Memories

I walked my dog along the quiet small town street. The spring had not brought the leaves from their buds yet.

The night sky was clear and the meteor shower was in full play.

I was transported in a split second from my nightly dog walking duties, from my life as mom and provider, from the weariness felt after a long day, to another place, another time.

Suddenly once again, the great meteor shower as seen from the Tibetan High Plain came to life- as if I was there still. I remember standing with my co-adventurers, eyes wide with amazement, as the stars shot clear across the entire night sky. Not trailing out immediately but lasting a full sky’s worth of glory. From our high altitude plateau one could almost touch the sparkler tail. Our “oooh’s” and “ahhhh’s” rivaled any Forth of July crowd response back home, as did the star’s play rival any fire works show I’d seen before. We didn’t retire to our tents that night for a long time.

Suddenly, back home on my street, leading the dog, I walked on… turning the freshened memory over in my mind. A gem uncovered from my subconscious, gifted to me by my old self on a past Private Journey.

Gift yourself a gem. Take a Private Journey for future’s sake.

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