Leap of Faith

Traveling with Cathy, my friend of 30 years, was so special as we have not spent that much time together since we were in high school. So many times during the trip we would just look at each other & laugh--we laughed a lot! Having that much time with so many wonderful women was priceless!

There were several times that I went from terror to exhilaration. I was paralyzed on the top of Knife's Edge! I really did not know how I was going to get off that 330-foot rock! I was terrified before I traversed Zeta and experienced sheer exhilaration as I paused in the middle and hung upside down over the gorgeous Futaleufu River. I didn't even allow myself to think before jumping off the cliff: I just moved forward and went for it, a pure leap of faith! All I remember was looking into Rayno's beautiful blue eyes as he said in that fabulous South African accent, "Go for it Suzanne! You can do it!" Those guides can get you to do just about anything! One reassuring look from GI Joe (Robert) and next thing you know you are stepping backwards off a cliff....--Suzanne

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