Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life.

Versatile- yes, but we don't recommend these...

Whenever we are preparing for a journey- a review of the proper adventure apparel kicks in. Although our upcoming Marrakech trip is not a hiking-centric trip it still includes a day of traversing some rugged terrain. It is always a good idea to have a versatile pair of hiking boots all broken in and ready to fly off with you to your next great adventure. Choosing the right trail shoe is not as easy as it might seem- so we are offering a few simple tips here for you.

LOW: Low-cut trail shoes are typically lightweight and breathable and don't require a lot of break-in time. They are best used for low-mileage day hikes or longer treks that don't require carrying a ton of gear. This shoe would be more than adequate for our Marrakech hiking. It is a good shoe to own because of its light packing weight and versatility. These can take the place of a sturdy pair of sneakers.

MID: The higher cut adds stability, so consider a mid-trail shoe as miles and pack weight start to increase, as well as when facing rooty and rocky terrain that could roll an ankle. Also a good choice for a variety of hiking trips. Would cover most of our Private Journey needs from South American portages with a "wet bag" in between put-in points on the river to running up the side of Helen's Hill in Kenya.

HIGH: Big-mile, multi-day backpacking trips and longer adventure treks usually demand high-cut boots. They're great for long miles on a variety of rugged terrain under heavy pack weight. Let's face it girls, none of our trips require us to lug all of our camping supplies or gear on our backs...but on the Kilimanjaro trek, these boots would be what you need to keep sure footing on loose rock and rooty paths all the way to the summit and back down.

Check that you have your hill climbing footwear ready for your next trip with us. (That would be our great new adventure in Argentina up in the Andes- Feb 2013).

Somewhere in your closet we would hope to find a lovely set of hiking boots nested snugly between your knee-high leather boots and your Bottega Veneta platform purple heels. Hike On!

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